Training / e-Learning


CGH Global creates content and deliverables within the e-learning and LMS space. These curriculums include: Cyber Security Awareness Training, Active Shooter for Healthcare Environments, Technical Counterintelligence topics, and various Fire and EMS subjects.

Fire and EMS

CGH Global offers Fire, Medical, and Natural Disaster Training, Exercise Design, Development, Coordination, and Execution and Program Implementation.

Tactical & Technical

CGH Global offers a variety of security courses, with specific specialization in Covert Entry, TSCM, Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, Tactical Training, and Combat-Medicine.

Training Facility

CGH Global in conjunction with PPC offer a training facility which provides students with a discrete "stay and train" environment. Fully prepared for Technical Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, and Covert Entry, the facility provides free lodging and is located near the firearm range and tactical driving facility.