CGH Global Technologies, LLC.

Security Compliance Audits

Information Security Framework and Network Architecture audits, Content security audits for the motion picture and music industry, Compliance audits and cyber consulting supporting the protection of intellectual property with the motion picture, gaming and music industry.

Technical Vulnerability Assessments (TSCM)

25 years of providing TSCM services, 10 years of providing commercial training to law enforcement and corporations, 7 years of being selected as senior instructors for the US GOV’s Technical Academy, the Interagency Training Center (ITC).

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Best practices for corporate and personal environments, including high value target / high network entities: wireless communications, travel security, reducing cyber footprint, social engineering, phishing simulations and awareness.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERA), external and internal analysis, custom remediation solutions, web application pentesting, threat modeling, software and hardware vulnerability testing and operational evaluation.

Phishing Frenzy is a trusted partner with CGH Global Technologies. Together they offer premiere and interactive user awareness training for a wide variety of clients. In 2013, Phishing Frenzy filled the gaps in current client facing phishing campaigns. Currently the solution provides a streamlined approach to phishing, while still offering the best realistic phishing campaigns. Frenzy also provides campaign management, template reuse, statistical generation, among other features. Click the logo for more info.