CGH Global Emergency Management Strategies, LLC.

Fire Prevention and Protection

As a company founded by career firefighters, CGH Global Emergency Management Strategies’ original core competencies are fire prevention and fire protection. With decades of experience, including work overseas, in hostile environments and sensitive sites, we specialize in: structural, airfield and aircraft fire response services, prevention and facility safety, and alarm and suppression system testing and design.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Frequently coupled with firefighting, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are another first responder skill set we proudly provide. CGH Global EMS can provide: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedic first responders, ambulance services, air ambulance support, medical consulting and oversight, and medical support in austere locales.

Emergency Management Training and Support

Ongoing training and support is crucial to the success of any Fire, Emergency Medical, and Emergency Response Services program. CGH Global provides compliant, updated and relevant fire, medical, natural disaster, and hazardous materials emergency response training programs. Through exercise design, development, coordination, and execution our programs are focused on keeping personnel up to date with current practices, policies, and governing regulations and standards.

Emergency Response Operations

CGH Global professionally executes immediate emergency response capabilities including incident response, disaster relief, hazardous materials, and recovery efforts. Our adept ability to respond in even the most remote areas of the world is essential for effective emergency response as disasters can strike anytime, anywhere.